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Indoor Swimmig pool

Holiday park De Papillon has an indoor pool. For children, it is self-evident that they can swim when they are staying at a camping site. Swimming and a holiday, that’s obvious, isn’t it? We think so too, at De Papillon in Twente. Therefore, children have every possibility to swim at De Papillon. And often that makes the perfect holiday for them.

Swimming pool with and without a roof

The water in the pool is 28 degrees. And the pool has a moveable roof. So it’s an indoor and outdoor pool in one. The moveable roof not only saves us a lot of energy, it also protects you from UV rays. For the very young ones, we have a separate and safe paddling pool.

Loads of fun with water for the children, and a bit for you as well.

De Papillon also has a water spray park which means that the water comes from literally anywhere. The water shoots up from the colourful floor, for example. There’s a butterfly that spits out water, the leaves of a palm tree that suddenly create a downpour, and lots more of water fun. There is one secret that we do want to tell you: if you want to stop the water and push back the waterjet, then all of a sudden you will hear a happy tune coming out of the tube.

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Duration of stay

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