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Heated Sanitary

Heated sanitary facilities

To make our guests feel at home, excellent sanitary facilities are a key requirement. We are fully aware of that. The facilities at De Papillon in Twente are without any exaggeration the very best. Our heated sanitary facilities can even be called luxurious.

Accessible for everyone

Of course we have kept in mind the guests who have a disability or problems with walking. Therefore, these sanitary facilities have been discretely fit in between and are very accessible. Everyone just walks and ‘rolls’ in as they please.

This alone, is a perfect reason to go on holiday at De Papillon in Twente. Especially, when you know that we make use of sustainable energy and our water consumption. The water from the swimming pool, for example, is reused for flushing the toilets. At De Papillion everyone feels completely at home.

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Duration of stay

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