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Open air museum Ootmarsum

In the lovely village centre of the old town Ootmarsum is a surprising open air museum. Open air museum Ootmarsum is a magnificent, park-like estate with trees and bodies of water. It is crossed by a beautiful brook. Once, mostly during the Middle Ages, this was the location of the gardens of Havezathe and the Hoge Huys of Ootmarsum. It was the time of a rich Commandery of the Germany knighthood. Later, this became the main residence of the Imperial Count, and also called Het land van de Heeren (the Ground of the Lords).

The Land van Heeren and Boeren in open air museum Ootmarsum

On this ‘heerengrond’ you will find a large number of authentic, local, farmer’s buildings. The originally furnished building presents a picture of how people lived and worked in this (EU) region for many centuries. Buildings that are being kept alive by using them for exhibitions and events. In certain periods of the year, there are lots of activities and you will be able to see various old crafts, performed by people wearing traditional costumes from that particular period. For example, the workshop of a blacksmith, a live nativity during Christmas, wood working, various old agricultural machines that are shown to the public in open air museum Ootmarsum. All great fun to see and definitely worth a visit when staying at holiday park De Papillon.

Besides the open air museum, there is lots more to enjoy in Ootmarsum. The town is famous for its beautiful art and culture. Stroll through the characteristic alleys and discover what Ootmarsum has to offer. By the end of the day you can sit down at one of the many terraces and enjoy a delicious drink.

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