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Museum Wonderrijck Natura Docet

The oldest regional natural history museum of the Netherlands can be found in Denekamp and is called ‘Wonderryck Natura Docet’. Literally this mean, “nature teaches”. Museum Wonderryck is a great day out for both young and old.


In 1911, village teacher Bernink provided the base for the Wonderryck Natura Docet museum in Denekamp.

Wonderryck Natura Docet is a characteristic museum in where time seems to have stopped. Minerals, fossils, the kingfisher and a bird of paradise, a platypus and a crocodile, you can see them all here. It’s an astonishing experience to look into the eyes of the Ichthyosaurus, a fossil fish lizard.

Interesting lectures teach you a lot about nature, but it’s also fun to take pictures of a mammoth, touch fossil fish, and discover luminous stones. There are also lots of stuffed animals that mostly originate from the Denekamp area.


There are also several workshops for children. Workshops such as pick the pellets of owls are a true learning moment for children. It teaches them what owls generally eat.

In short: too much to mention.

Museum garden

In the museum garden you can see the landscape of Twente, from Dinkeldal to Bergvennen, Broekbos, the new ash and the old forest. Natura Docet is a museum for young and old, and there’s always something to see or experience for everyone.

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