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Indoor swimming pool Denekamp

Swimming pool Dorper Esch, Denekamp

Denekamp has a fantastic swimming pool called Zwembad Dorper Esch Denekamp, which is perfect for both young and old! Both the recreational swimmer and the more fanatic swimmer, babies and seniors, there’s something for everyone in this three pool facility.

Swimming fun for everyone

The recreational pool has underwater jets in which you can fool around with the various water toys. With tires and rafts, that are already present in the pool, you can move through the rapids. The recreational pool also has a small outdoor pool where you can enjoy the fresh air from the water warm of the pool. The children can climb out of the water and up via a climbing wall after which they can slide down into the pool again. The different water fountains, both inside and outside the pool, offer lots of fun during your stay in the pool. There are also various facilities for the very young ones such as a baby pool with slide. For the slightly older children, there is a table football inside the building.

25 m competition pool (27°C)

The swimming pool of Olympic stature, is a perfect pool for swimming your laps. The pool is open early for all early birds so that it you will have the entire day for other activities in and around Denekamp.

Warm bath (33°C)

The warm bath is extremely suitable for the very little ones. With 33 degrees, the children will really enjoy their swim. Next to the bath there is also a lovely small ‘playground’ for the young ones.

In short: everybody is welcome in Dorper Esch swimming pool. And you can feel it, because here as well, you can experience the famous hospitality of Twente.

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Duration of stay

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